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Also, maybe Blake didn't try to grind because he couldn't hit 10 consecutive shots into the court and was better off being aggressive, since he had incredible power and early ballstriking. Why on earth would he grind against Nadal in the first place? To allow him to pick on his backhand?
So her fastest ever serve was 124 and this equates to hitting 125+ serves in her prime? By your logic I could say Nadal hits 135+ serves in his prime, since at the 2010 U.S Open he had some serves that reached 135. Ana has probably hit what, 6 serves in her career even over 120. Also if this isnt proof of the belief radar guns are juiced today I dont know what is, since even the blind can see Graf in her prime had a more powerful serve than the likes of Ivanovic (and I am no Graf fan btw, most on this forum regard me a Graf hater). BTW Graf herself was recording serves about 10 mph faster in 1999 as a gimpy old lady soon to retire, as she had been at her peak in 1995-1996, LOL!

Try starting a poll who is faster Blake or Nadal and see how that turns out.
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