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The PK Ki5 315 is the usual successor to most APD and Pure Drive users who develop arm problems. And when you talk to Ki5 users, once the arm problems go away they never go back to the predecessor.

Even though it has tweenerish specs, it plays more like a players frame. Power is about in the middle between the Pure Drive and the typical players frame, like say the Head Prestige MP. Good spin technique yields great spin, but the most impressive thing about the Ki5 is the level of control that can be had, even at relatively low string tensions.

I came from the opposite end of the spectrum since I used the Pure Storm Ltd. GT, so for me I get more power, maybe a tad more spin, but the control is surprisingly the same. And even if the PK is much more stiff than the PSLGT, it just feels more arm friendly for some reason. It really is a great racquet.
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