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Originally Posted by fed_rulz View Post
bitter much? if you're certain that Sampras was the better athlete (seems like you are, because you seem to dismiss any evidence to the contrary), why did you start the thread in the first place? to troll?
I expected people to at least stick to areas which Federer can actually be said to be superior to Sampras in.

I didn't expect people to say ridiculous garbage in the line of "Federer jumps just as high as Sampras". Does that look like something that would some close to Sampras?

Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
fastest first serve speed of Roger Federer: 135 mph 2006 AO against Haas.
fastest first serve speed of Andy Roddick: 155 mph
2004 Davis Cup against Volchkov
fastest first serve speed of Pete Sampras: 135 mph 1998 US Open 4th round against Safin
f. 2nd serve speed of Federer: 126 mph 2004 Halle against Haas
f. 2nd serve of Roddick: 133 mph 2004 Wimby final against Fed
f. 2nd serve of Sampras: 127 mph 2001 U.S Open against Agassi
average fist serve speed Fed: 114-121 mph
Roddick: 122-132 mph, Sampras: 114-123 mph
average second serve speed Fed: 90-105 mph
Roddick: 100-110 mph, Sampras: 90-115 mph
I take it back about that weak serve comments form me in the past. Federer does have a real fast and potent serve.

So you claiming that Sampras's serve had an additional 15 mph on it compared to Sampras is an utter lie as Sampras' FASTEST EVER RECORDED SPEED clocked at 135, which is nothing faster than Federer's fastest ever 1st serve.
Interesting, so Federer averaged the same first serve speeds?
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