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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
My theory is that OP was trying just a bit too hard to hit winners.

I think most 3.5s and below have weaker backhands vs forehands, in that (1) they can't really hit winners from the backhand, and (2) they can't hit more than 5 or 6 solid BHs in a row during a rally without making an error. That is not to say that they can't block a few back.

In this case, sounds like OP's opponent would hit a few weak BHs, and then OP would go for too big of a forehand winner and make an error.

I think a better strategy for OP would have been to hit those forehands at 80% rather than 100%, and cut down on the errors. The opponent would not be able to attack the 80% shots to his BH, and would then more likely than not make an error before OP does.

Of course OP is also a 3.5 so easier said than done. Finding the right balance of being aggressive while still making high-percentage shot selection is hard at any level.

Only the OP knows for sure if he was going 100%, but one thing is for sure, in that match, his opponent's BH was more consistant than the OP's FH and was therefore a better shot.

Another reason why the: "hit it to the 'weak' side" strategy is less effective than, say a variant like: "hit approach shots, overheads and first serves on game point to the 'weak' side", is that anyone who hits a bunch of anything, grooves that shot and becomes accustomed to hitting it better over time.
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