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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Only the OP knows for sure if he was going 100%, but one thing is for sure, in that match, his opponent's BH was more consistant than the OP's FH and was therefore a better shot.

Another reason why the: "hit it to the 'weak' side" strategy is less effective than, say a variant like: "hit approach shots, overheads and first serves on game point to the 'weak' side", is that anyone who hits a bunch of anything, grooves that shot and becomes accustomed to hitting it better over time.
I really did think about the "hit to the backhand" and 75% rule at the beginning, but I tend to abandon pre-match strategies and go with the flow. Although my earlier example mentioned pummeling forehands to his backhand, I did not really do that the whole match. The one thing I always try to do for the entire match though is hit deep and in play.
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