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No, not a silly question. I would say the V1 is really similar to the PD on serves. I really love how I can bang serves with the PD and not lose any of the control that I find so important, and I felt like I got the same qualities from the V1. It is a little lighter so you might find it slightlyyyyy less stable on some of the bigger serves because it doesn't have the weight behind it (this isn't a huge issue, you just might notice that difference from the PD). I had a little chat with Britt about it, and we both agreed that the strength of the V1 is the control and power on a flat serve over a spin serve, although it does handle spin well. Another thing to note is that the V1 is less stiff than the PD so it's a little nicer on your arm, particularly something I noticed on serves if you have a stiff poly in it.


From your description on what you're looking for, I really suggest trying the V1. It definitely has the qualities you want as well as the comfort that other stiffer racquets like the PD are lacking a little sometimes. If you've got arm problems then play around with the strings a little, although you definitely are starting at a good, arm-friendly point with the V1. Let me know what you think after a playtest!

Siobhan, TW
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