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Answer is NO.

Swing weight is a product of how the weight is distribute along the racket. So, you could have the same static weight and same balance but significantly different swing weight.

Imagine a 27" racket consisting of 10 sections of 2.7" each. If each 2.7" inch section had the exact same static weight and distribution of weight within a section; the balance would be even and let's says the swing weight was 320 grams which is a made up example.

Now, imagine you took 1 gram out if each of the eight middle sections for a total of 8 grams. Now split these 8 grams that you removed from the middle and put 4 grams in the 1st section at the handle and 4 gram in the last section at the tip of the head. The racket will still have the same static weight and balance, but the swing weight will be higher because you increased the weight at the very tip of the head section. Increasing weight at the handle has very little impact on swing weight.
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