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Originally Posted by botticelli View Post
Well I have been playing with the 2013 Aeropro Drive GT for the last few days and honestly I cannot tell the difference between the stiffness of this model vs the previous model. I know the ball lands deeper in the court with the 2013 model perhaps because of the stiffness. I know there are some people out there that cannot use stiff frames, especially with stiff poly string like luxilon. However, I never had an issue like this with any of the Aeropros.
1- Given that the throat ot the new Aero is different if compared to the GT version, do you see a difference in how the racket feels when swinging? That is, does it still cut fast through the air like prior Aeropros?

2- Besides the stiffness, does this new Aeropro have a more dampened or cushioned feel if compared with the GT version?

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