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Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
Yes, it's definitely involved during the serve but I also believe it's applicable during ground strokes as well.

To the other poster(s) that appears befuddled over keeping the racquet head closed during a portion/majority of the stroke, I believe that say's quite a bit about his preference for racquets, his interesting view on "feel," and apparent disregard if the ball goes straight into the net.
Yes, I swing my racquet face perpendicular to the ground rather than parallel to the ground because I prefer to hit the ball with my stringbed rather than the edge of my frame. LOL

Does it matter where the ball goes if the "feel" comes from when the ball impacts your stringbed? If experiencing this incredible "feel" is what you're after, all you want to do is to hit the ball as many times as possible. Where the ball goes does not change the incredible "feel" you get on impact. Like I mentioned earlier, to some people, tennis is all about the "feel" you get to a bodily appendage, just like with sex.
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