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Originally Posted by mrcalon View Post
Can you compare to the barricade or vapor 9?

I have barricade and vapor. Contemplating whether or not to get another barricade or try out the feathers.

Really like the support on the b's. The v's are ok, but occasionally i notice the impact on hard landings which makes me a bit more nervous with them.
I have not tried the latest Barricades but i used Barricade I to V and I thought the Barricades just got harder and harder and i just didnt like them at all in the end. Narrow and a lack of cushioning.

The Vapor 9 is also an excellent shoe. What i feel is different between Vapor 9 and Feather II is that the Feather II is a tad lower to the ground and a bit faster. I also love the sole-pattern on the Feather. Its not so aggressive as some other herringbone-patterns.

The Vapor 9 is an excellent shoe as well and its like choosing between Coke and Pepsi. Its just personal preferences, but against Boyalan Suger Cane Cola equilant of shoes, the GSOAT, the Asics Gel Res II, they still have a long path to walk
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