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One of the best compliments ever given to me (by a crowd of on-lookers at a relatively important and well-played match) was that....short of looking at the scoreboard, they couldn't tell the score just by looking at me. That regardless of if I was winning or losing, my on-court demeanor & energy was mostly the same. Positive, polite and full of the pleasure of playing the game.

In that regard, I hope I'm much like Alchemy-Z. I take pride in matching my approach to the situation and the opponent.

Quick story on offering up a first serve: was playing on line #2 against a well-regarded opponent with an excellent first serve...but a rather wimpy second one which often deteriorated into a DF. She jumped out to a quick lead and served for the (pro) set at 7*-2. She tightened up and I broke...and that's when the adjacent courts' balls started rolling our way. And it really screwed with her rhythm. Over the run of the set, I probably offered at least a half dozen first serves (when it's rare to have even one or two per match). I did prevail and count it as one of my better wins at singles.

But the kicker is, months later...when we ended up on the same team...she admitted she counted that loss as one of her more memorable ones too. AND....said that me giving her so many "chances" on her serves is part of what screwed her up...that she'd liked to think her 1st serve was intimidating...and that because I "gave" her so many...I (obviously) wasn't. She ended up pressed on her first and, admittedly, choking on her second serves.

Hehe...I'll never admit to her that I was (still am) a bit intimidated by her first serve...but, truthfully, each situation had warranted the "let" calls. Just goes to show you how different people can take the same scenario and read something completely different into it.
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