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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
PP - Have to say I've fancied hitting with a 7G for a while - it does seem to have got great reports.

McLovin - Yes, let me know your thoughts re the X Fast.

Roll, Rob, Keith - I'll read up on my Donnays.

Blue - 03 White... another frame I like sound of and have wondered about before.

Cool - I'll read up on my BBs... BTW, you just reminded me, despite it being mega-soft, the Vantage BC30 was ultimately very harsh for me... go figure!

goran - haha!...hi

FK - not sure I'm up for a box beam ATM. Hmm...

Ken - right, I'm about to check the TT feedback posts on the 315.
Ross, not sure what you mean by box beam...the xi looks almost identical to the apd except for the iso head...the throat is aero...
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