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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
It doesn't matter what those people think. Those are the same people that think Mike tyson was a possible GOAT.
It doesn't matter to you what they think, but that doesn't mean that those people don't vastly outnumber hardcore tennis fans.

You can presume those people are stupid if you like. Obviously they are wrong to think that WTF is an exhibition tournament. But to be fair, the way it is marketed is as being all about the top players by invite only, all very showbiz with smoke and music when the players enter the arena and in the past they placed a lot of emphasis on the size of the cash prize.

The reality is, you cannot argue that an event is highly prestigious, then say the wider public are stupid if they don't agree with you. A truly prestigious event would be valued by casual tennis fans too. I'm not saying that no casual tennis fans rate the WTFs, and if Murray were to win it or reach the finals and get considerable press attention, the awareness of what it really is in the UK would rocket.

I also wonder if another factor in how people rate different sporting events is what tv channels they are aired on. In the UK, only Wimbledon and the Olympics are shown on mainstream, terrestrial tv. If fans are watching the Olympics is on a different channel with a different team from who does most of the tennis broadcasting, it will create a different vibe. If your country had a good chance at gold in another event, so was more interested in that than tennis, it would give a different impression of its value.
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