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Originally Posted by dominikk1985 View Post
Fed easily. Nalbandian was a very fine ballstriker but he didn't have the power and athleticism of federer.

his feel for the ball and technique are certainly up there with anyone but talent is not just about how great your droppers and angle shots are.

athleticism, mental strength, willpower and hitting power are equally as important and fed was easily better than nalby in any of those.

It's no coinicidence that nalby didn't win more in his career
Thank you for proving you have no idea what "talent" means.

Mental strength and will power are diametrically opposed to talent. It is the last thing that has to do with gift or else, a guy like Ferrer or Simon is immensely talented as well.

Atleticism isn't talent either or else, many guys from the NFL would be "talented" tennis players. Physical talent is something you could use for any sport. "Tennis talent" only works for tennis though and should be the only one used.
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