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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I agree. It is funny there is anyone on this forum who thinks Federer is mentally as tough as Nadal imparticular, LOL!

I would say in their youth they were about equal talents, but Federer's talents developed and grew by leaps and bounds while Nalbandian's did not.
Nadal's mental toughness is a little overrated. Grinders typically "choke" less anyway. They maintain the same level for a longer time. Also, he got crushed in straights far more often than Federer did.

I wouldn't say that Federer is as tough as Nadal, but I disagree that there is some massive gap.

On talent "developing": pretty sure the word "talent" is supposed to be the "gold" that a person has in their "soil". Not exactly something that you can "develop" only resurface.
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