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Nadal's mental toughness is a little overrated. Grinders typically "choke" less anyway. They maintain the same level for a longer time. Also, he got crushed in straights far more often than Federer did.

I wouldn't say that Federer is as tough as Nadal, but I disagree that there is some massive gap.

On talent "developing": pretty sure the word "talent" is supposed to be the "gold" that a person has in their "soil". Not exactly something that you can "develop" only resurface.
You think Nadal's everything is overrated so who cares. It is hilarious you think a player who basically relied entirely on speed, mental toughness, overall defense, a forehand, and basically nothing else and won 11 slams by his mid 20s could be matches or surpassed easily by many in mental toughness and speed as you seem to think.

Nadal gets crushed since his game is more crushable, especialy on a hard court which is the only surface he has ever been crushed on really. It has nothing to do with lack of mental toughness. In fact almost the only way to beat Nadal is by crushing him, hence why he almost never loses on clay, and only loses on hard courts when he runs into guys who power right him and win by big margins normally.
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