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ive got 4 demos on the way

ig prestige mid
ig prestige mp
ig speed 18x20
BLX Pro Staff Six.One 95

maybe one o these is my holiest of grails
i took my blx pro open out today and at times it hits these monster serves and has tons of spin on groundies but sometimes feels like a club and very sluggish. i dunno, sometimes i just like a really heavy, headlight racquet... at least while practicing! the blxproopen really seems to kill my wrist too but maybe any racquet does that.
hopefully the demo helps me make up my mind at least.
hope the weather is nice next week. usually a tw demo order means 3 weeks of 50mph winds and nonstop rain. eeeeeps

auzzie: please come to kenmore courts next tuesday and thursday for 4 hour hits. thanks!

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