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I tried BW and liked it quite a bit -- however I have been stringing my racquets lately with Mamba O-Power which I find affords me a little less spin than BW but more control coupled with good power and comfort. I used the BW 17G previously and have tried the O-Power 1.18 and 1.23.
If you like BW but want a little more controlled power I think you might be ok with the O-Power. I prefer the feel of the thinner gauges but you might have to experiment a bit with the gauge and tension to find the right feel for you.
Incidentally, I also tried the Pro's Pro Plus Power (1.18 and 1.23) -- as far as I could tell they are the same strings as Mamba's O-Power.
Dunlop 300 tour - Pro's Pro Plus Power 1.18 @ 37lbs.
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