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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
If you listen to Irvin on this one, you may just receive another dirty tension head if that person you get one from did not keep it clean.Then you will have 2 tension heads with same issue. Since you were inquireing on different high end machines on another thread , maybe best to sell yours and upgrade now, as it sounds like you string enough to justify a higher end machine.Another thought is to send your head, (stringing machines that is) to tennis machines dot com and have it serviced.
My first suggestion was buy a new stringer or Wise tension head and that is still what I would do (preferably buy a new stringer.) I would use a business card in the gripper until i got a new stringer then sell the old one for parts. Good idea about the tennis machines though. Problem is no stringer until he gets it back if it can be fixed.
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