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Default Would Serena be the real slam record holder if she reaches 20 slams

If Serena reaches 20 slams shouldnt be considered as the real Slam record holder for women.

The only ones with more would be Court with 24 and Graf with 22. However Court won 11 of hers at the Australian Open which back then was a depleted slam, especialy for women, and she won no more than 5 at each of the "real slams". If one is super generous and gives her 6 had everyone played (more than she managed at any of the 3 real slams) that would bring her down to 19 total slams. Graf gained atleast 3 slams by the Seles stabbing. So again being generous she wins only 19 slams without the Seles stabbing occuring.

I for one would consider Serena the real slam record holder at 20 if she reaches that mark, with basically a large group of womens at 18/19 with Evert, Navratilova, Wills, Graf, and Court behind her. That would only further cement her as what many are already now saying she is, the best female tennis player ever.
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