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With Federer I believe it is because of Federer's obvious weakness. I don't think that Martina had something that Evert couldn't handle. She just played better.
Martina catered her whole game around beating Chris and nothing else. She had the luxury to do so since the 1982-1984 field where her utter dominance of Chris all came was the worst in tennis history, yes even worse than 2009-2011 atleast outside the top 2, truly a dinosaur era with almost no talented players in the top 10. How else to explain how she had way more trouble with Mandilikova, who was even off form and in a major slump in the aforementioned years than Chris those few years, losing to Hana multiple times and having other 3 setters. How to explain how she could lose major matches to Hanika, baby Sukova, and even to Kathy Horvath, yet not once to Chris.
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