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please, only 1 email per person.
this is getting ridiculous.
my email was flooded with offers due to the intense demand for these racquets.
YES, they play amazingly and it is so easy to bomb serves and put tons of spin on your baseline shots. sure they match and the bag is insulated too!
i know, unbelievable but they are STILL for sale! WOW!

i think once i pick the LUCKY person that gets to buy these BARELY USED, great condition racquets that DONT HAVE A SCRATCH, i will probably buy a midsize Head Prestige. The BLX PRO OPEN racquets just made the game TOO EASY and it kind of took the challenge out of tennis for me.

If you like winning and slapping BAGELS & BREADSTICKS on the scoreboard, consider sending me a generous offer.
thank you all and i look forward to hearing from you soon. WERD
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