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Originally Posted by tennisfan69 View Post
that is up for discussion. but from analyzing various videos like this of top players, the question to be answered is if the pulling across is a deliberate action or it is a consequence of the swing.
the concept of hitting thru 3-5 balls as being coached at where my sons get coached, i am interested from experts here is it correct. so i dont have any conclusion, but more questions.
Is he hitting the ball solidly when he wants to put pace on it? Is he generating the pace you want to see? Is he generating the spin you want to see? Is he blending pace and spin into his shots at the level of his peers?

The hitting through 3 balls advice is mostly for beginners and adults, who are tentative with their shots. It becomes a bad reinforcing habit as they become even more tentative in a match. Eventually, people should evolve to learn how to swing the racket for varying amounts of pace and spin, and for different target areas, as all juniors do.

In the simplest example, I have observed a coach correct the swing in this fashion: the junior was hitting too closed and with too much spin and the ball was landing short. He simply told him that to hit beyond the service line was the goal. The junior achieved that by blending in more linear momentum. In another case, a junior was hitting backhands hard but long. The coach fed him ball after ball with the goal of keeping it in, and the junior learnt how much spin to add in that situation.

There are many arguments here which are based on strawman examples and pushing some system. Life is much simpler in reality.
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