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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
You liars. After 2003 Wimbly, I and everyone else thought "this guy is good, he will win multiple majors maybe as many as Agassi or Borg" NOBODY was expecting him to become goat in 2003, get over yourselves.
No seriously, after Federer's performance in Wimbledon 2003, a lot of people were saying that was some of the best tennis they had ever seen.

By May of 2004 with only two Majors to his name, people on this very forum were already saying Federer could be the GOAT. I was not a member back then, but I had a look because I was sure some here must have felt as I felt back then. I was right. Pity this forum does not go back as far as 2003.

Check out the link below. Feņa14 in post #14 says, "I think that Federer can become greatest of all time". Also, sliceroni in post #31 says, "apparently what we're witnessing is potentially the GOAT".

People were making these predictions because of Federer's unprecedented level of play. No one had seen anyone play the game this well.

Montana Realty in April of 2004 in the thread below talks about being in awe of Federer's game and perplexed by it.

These were common feelings amongst many knowledgeable observers back then.
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