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Originally Posted by Orion3 View Post
Think it depends on where the weight is. If you stick 2g of lead or put a dampener at 12 O'clock it will make a difference when you swing. The same weight at 6 O'clock will be less noticeable.

If the balance on both racquets is the same, the weight difference is much less noticeable.

That said, I finally gave in yesterday. I couldn't feel the difference but just knowing it was there was enough. I ended up adding 3g to my lighter stick. Now they are identical !
You know what - I like what you stated here. at least you are admitting what the real problem is. It's not what the actual weight, swingweight, tension, or whatever is - it's --knowing-- that it is different form one perceives as 'perfect'. And there's nothing wrong with it.
I just can't stand those that claim that they can distinguish those gram'ish differences in weight, or few pounds of tension difference. Without ever trying blind tests.
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