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Here is an article from Drysdale saying Federer is the best he had ever seen.

Federer had just two slams at this point.

Tennis Week: You beat Rod Laver in the U.S. Open quarterfinals, you watched Pete Sampras' entire career and now you're seeing the most gifted player of this generation in Roger Federer. Who is the best player you've ever seen?

Cliff Drysdale: Federer is the best player I've ever seen play.

Tennis Week: Right now you would say that? If Federer never played again, if he retired tomorrow, you would still say he's the best you've ever seen?

Cliff Drysdale: Yes. I would say that if you put Federer at his best with any other player in history, that I've ever seen, at their best, that Federer would beat them.

Tennis Week: Cliff, that's a big statement. You've seen almost every great champion. That's a big statement.

Cliff Drysdale: It is a big statement. You know, a lot of your readers are going to disagree with me especially since he hasn't been out there very long. But if you ask me to make a definitive statement in that regard and say: "How would Laver have done against him?" Because Laver is the next most well-rounded, complete player I've seen after Federer.

Tennis Week: I thought you would say Sampras.

Cliff Drysdale: No. Because Pete didn't have great ground strokes.

Tennis Week: His forehand was pretty devastating.

Cliff Drysdale: It was good. His running forehand was pretty good. But if he didn't have the serve — if you take the serve away from Pete — he would be relatively naked.

Tennis Week: Federer's game is very strong and exciting in all phases and I'm very impressed with how well he returns and defends as well as his obvious ability to attack.

Cliff Drysdale: His movement, his transition game, his ground strokes, his volley, his serve — Federer is the most complete player and that's why, when you ask me, in my view Federer is the best I've seen.

Tennis Week: So are you of the opinion that the players of today, the depth of the game, the quality of play is superior to any other era of tennis?

Cliff Drysdale: Yes, absolutely. There's no doubt that tennis, the men's game, is better than it's ever been. It's at its best right now. This is an exciting time for tennis and that's another reason I feel so privileged to be in this position watching these players and the game. It's really a very, very exciting time for tennis in my view.

Lots of other articles about.
As I said before, as soon as he won the Masters Cup 2003 he was hailed by a lot of people as the Best Player they have ever seen. It was at Wimbledon 2003 he usurped Mcenroe's position as the most talented they had ever seen.

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