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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Your claims about a deliberate across swing have been shown to be wrong when the intention is to hit solidly and not in a grazing fashion. It is due to body rotation into the ball. The claim of an abrupt pull back before contact has been shown to be wrong.
I don't know where you get "abrupt pull back"; is that your words?
I don't know where you get "deliberate across" swing; is that yours?

In MTM we teach to "pull up and across". We don't suggest that it be abrupt or
deliberate...only that you do it and anyone can see the best players do it.
It may need to be more deliberate till it becomes natural? can't say.
That is what is known as well as what has been clearly shown.
If you can't see it, maybe that accounts for the desperate need of help for your
Fh that you posted about.
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