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Default Moon-balled to death. Advice?

Hey guys,

I need your advice.

I'm a 4.0 level player with a one-handed backhand, and I play an agressive type of all-court game. I just lost a match against a guy who hits moon-balls whenever possible. He tosses most of the baseline groundstrokes as high as possible (almost high enough for overheads, but not quite), and most of them land close to the baseline. He did this on 90% of his groundstrokes, and he enjoyed seeing me suffer from it. He used this type of shots as a weapon, and he has a lot of practice. I don't think he can be categorized as a "pusher".

I tried to deal with the moon balls by hitting them on the rise, but it is a very difficult shot for me, resulting in
a. reduced accuracy in my shot placements
b. more errors (mis-hits or wide/long shots)
c. when I attack the net, his moon balls becomes perfect deep lobs

As a result, his moon balls got to me. I hit them back once, twice, three times, but then I made an error sooner or later.

Could anybody give me some advice how I should play this guy the next time we meet? It will be very soon, in a couple of days.

Thanks again.
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