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Originally Posted by greg280 View Post
so many people miss the point regarding pro stock reason is they or the ones i use have totally different points of flex than the retail counterparts. they feel different and they are different!!!???? i can take a retail kblade 98 and lead and silicone it to say 13 ounces with a 32cm balance.... strung. my h22, same weight and balance hits a better more solid ball with better feel and control. 5.0 level plus. for the love of god does anyone here get it yet??? christ.
Settle down there, champ. Maybe some people, like myself, just don't have the time to take equipment that seriously. Some people don't care. I'm fine with simply buying a racquet off the shelf in retail form, stringing it up how I like and maybe experimenting with some lead tape.

I do have one question, though. The consensus seems to be that Djokovic really uses a Microgel Radical MP under his IG Speed paintjob. What would the code for that be, seeing as how it sounds like every frame has a code?
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