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It hurt Andre that he had to play his entire career (aside from his final 3 years but by that time he was old and with a bad back) vs another GOAT candidate in Sampras. Perhaps the best player to ever live as far as fast surfaces are concerned. I think Pete was a big reason why Andre's career sunk after the USO in 95 and didn't really surge back until 3 years later. He lost quite a few USO titles to Pete and another wimbledon or two IMO ( not to mention a WTF or two).

Unfortunate for Andre. He was only like 1 year apart from Pete so their careers/primes intertwined with each other. He didn't have like a 5-6 age difference where perhaps he was in his prime, Pete was yet to reach his or vice versa where he could have had the opportunity to gobble more big titles.

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