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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post

Ah, there you go again, toly! We've hit on our fundamental area of disagreement one more time... passive vs. active wrist! Unfortunately, neither you nor I can prove our points from photographs!

Let me also point out that in the video of Oscar you have posted, he shows a combination of upper arm rotation and biceps action when he is pulling the racquet in. I think this is natural for most people, and we have an extreme example in Nadal.
bhupaes, sorry I don't believe toly was ever a serious engineer and clearly he
is very much a beginner in tennis. Any good engineer comes to things with an
open mind, seeing several possible solutions to a challenge, then works to pick
the best for the intended application. No respected engineer would take the
comments Oscar made about an I/O out of context to try to twist it and try to
make a bogus point on related to normal rally Fhs.

toly clearly has several ideas that he is
intent on proving, like the using muscles in the wrist (forearm) to get power,
along with some of his other ideas; BUT to the exclusion of other ideas that
also work,
and imo, work much better than his beginner approach. He acts as if he is
bringing something new to strokes, but with any experience at all, he would
see that his suggestions are like nearly every beginner shows up with for coaching.
And the reason they come for coaching is that those rookie ideas don't work for
hitting with power AND keeping it in the courts.

As an engineer myself, I realize his ideas can be a source of power, but so
far, I've never seen any player work them with even a basic level of consistency
required to do even avg in this game. I'm a good enough sport to acknowledge
that some player may come along and somehow change that, although I doubt it.
Notice the difference in yours and my recognition of what they have
to share concept wise, but just know we have been thru that and not seen it
successful, whereas they deny our very successful approach and try to somehow
put a square peg in a round hole to force their ideas into what they see despite the
vids and evidence.
Also notice toly never shows the swing "from contact on", which is where my
claims are demo'd and also avoids admitting the bigger spacing in his pics that
show accel into contact. And also never understands how the hand working
across in his pics leads is what the racket face will be doing thru contact and
beyond, while also talking of some garble about the clear and present side
aspect to the TS we have seen which is actual proof of side motion at contact.
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