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If a guy can beat Federer, Nadal and Djokovic in the same tournament, he is something special definitely.
Del Potro beat Federer and Nadal and would have also beaten Djokovic too had they played at the 2009 U.S Open, and Federer in the final is probably the only close match he would have had (Djokovic would have lost in straights or 4 at most to DP there IMO). Murray has beaten those 3 players all tons of times over, it isnt his fault he was ranked too high, too consistently where he only gets to beat 2 in a row, not 3. I doubt he could beat all 3 in a row in a slam, but then again you know Nalbandian wouldnt either, heck he hasnt beaten any of the 3 in a slam any year from 2004 onwards. Djokovic did crush Nalbandian, beat Roddick, beat Nadal, and beat Federer all in a row to win a tournament at 19, it isnt his fault he couldnt play himself too, LOL! So while such a feat shows Nalbandian has talent but I dont see how it shows he is more talented than those others.

Even with a full commitment he wasnt ever going to be more than maybe a 2 slam winner IMO. We will never know for sure, but even when he burst on the scene nobody looked at him said wow this guy is going to win 6 slams. I agree he might be a bit more talented than guys like Roddick and Hewitt, but not so much more like some people seem to think. I think the phenomen of his success vs Federer, the majority of it early before Federer began dominance of the game, has greatly enhanced peoples views of him and his talent. Back in 2002 and 2003 if you had even suggested he was more talented than even Roddick and Hewitt, never mind all these other players who are more talented than Roddick and Hewitt, you would have been laughed off the block. Nobody back then thought he was some super talent to be honest. In 2002 when he made the Wimbledon final John McEnroe compared him to Chris Lewis. He was actually thought of as a grinder who played well on clay back then. In hindsight his talent was very underrated then, just as it is probably overrated now.

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