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You would be surprised that what just what a little extra hunger, and focused combined with great TALENT can really do.. Nalbandian had more then enough talent to be an all time great. He just didn't have the other essentials which are just as important.

You gotta have all your bases covered. Safin and Nalbandian are two of the most talented guys Ive seen play the game and should have accomplished a whole helluva lot. But the problem is both just had the talent.. They didn't have the other stuff. (Focus, Drive, determination, wanting to be the best).

Both proved they could beat some of the best at their best. But they couldn't sustain because they didn't have the focus, drive or desire.

IMO both guys were just as good as anyone who's played the game when they were at their best and focused (which was 1-2 percent of their career sadly)

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