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Morrissey came very highly regarded. Many experts predicted his pro potential as well, of course not at this point in his career. but many predicted he would improve every year and in 3-4 years, he would be good enough to turn pro. so yea, he will be very good #1 in NCAA very soon.

This is Straight off the Facebook fan page. Not sure who the author is but he is very accurate: well,,except the professional part.


John Morrissey is a professional tennis player from Ireland who has the most impressive forehand known to man. Born in Dublin in 1992, Morrissey picked up the racket at an early age and began to lay down the law on fools asses who thought they had game. Like a boss he took to the court like a natural. His first serve ever is reported to have impregnated his coach - and his coach was a man! He bec
ame well known throughout the ranks for his devilishly good looks that seduced many, many naked Spanish women. At the age of 15 he was banned from competing in Ireland on account of him "being too impressive". Determined to become even more impressive, Morrissey travelled to the US to train. While there, Time magazine named him "the best hung man in tennis". Upon returning Morrissey represented Ireland at the Olympics and tore **** up! He is currently based in Ireland and is still kicking *** while attending Gonzaga College. At the moment Morrisey is training using an unusual program he designed himself called "the extended sauna". He loves it.
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