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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I haven't seen your serve, but...
If it's only your wife who thinks your serve is fast, I'd not place too much importance on it. If your tennis BUDS start to complain your serve is too fast, then I'd think your serve is doing well.
Almost EVERY female, regardless of level, complains I hit with too much spin on spin serves, and mix in too much ball speed when I hit the corners, or into their bodies.
Very few 4.0 GUYS complain, they just hunker down, concentrate harder, step back 2 steps, and return my serves.
Then again, on another note.... You can rotate to get your service power, or you can use a stomach crunch, like Roddick does, to get your shoulder's moving forewards. BOTH work, so it's not confined to "your way, or the highway".
"Easy Power" is great to have, but more important, does it bother your peers when they are trying to return your serves?
Yes, LeeD, ONLY my wife thinks it's fast. Yes, that's precisely what I wrote.

As for my peers, yes, it bothers them. Tonight during a practice match with teammates I held serve comfortably against members from our first and second lines (ie above my pay grade!). Only one of my games went to deuce and we won that one.

More importantly, it's not just pace that bothers them. (Pace is not my strong suit). It's pace and spin. I can aim well and put extreme spin on the serve. I go for consistency and accuracy. Knowing where I'm hitting means I'm one shot ahead of an opponent.

I think this is your cue to regale us with a story about the time you hit a 150 mph serve against some washed up female tennis star while surfboarding with a broken leg And shark chasing you after which she told you how impressed she was with your game, yadda, yadda, yadda...

Seriously, I understand what you're saying but it's a bit obvious. Thanks anyway, I appreciate the input.
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