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Originally Posted by Down_the_line View Post
Settle down there, champ. Maybe some people, like myself, just don't have the time to take equipment that seriously. Some people don't care. I'm fine with simply buying a racquet off the shelf in retail form, stringing it up how I like and maybe experimenting with some lead tape.

I do have one question, though. The consensus seems to be that Djokovic really uses a Microgel Radical MP under his IG Speed paintjob. What would the code for that be, seeing as how it sounds like every frame has a code?
Easy with the 'champ's, Greg's actually a very knowledgeable guy who can actually play who is as frustrated as many of us with people that stumble across this forum (which from its title of Pros' Racquets and Gear one could reasonably assume to be there to discuss exactly that) trying to say that retail racquets are the same and play the same as retail racquets.

There is a wealth of information already on these boards yet many seem to have to repeat the same old stuff and it gets a bit tedious.

If you've gone to the trouble and expense to buy and play with pro stocks as Greg and quite a few other members here have, one would hope that those who haven't would have the sense to ask questions and to try and learn rather than saying how to suck eggs?

It is guys like Greg that will provide the answers to the harder questions out the there on pro stocks that many don't even know exist, not the retail racquet buyer.

To try and help with where I think you're going with this, the retail Microgel Radical MP could well be light enough to add a fair bit of lead and silicone to it to make it play damn close to the 231.2. Funnily enough I didn't even know the 231.2's I had were the Microgel Radical MP, thats why I capped one, only bumper I could find that fitted! One of the ones I have was used by a top 100 woman on tour. Most other retail sticks like the prestiges generally and the Tour 90 are just too heavy stock to achieve similar feel to the equivalent pro stock at a practical weight for your average player?
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