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We never saw a truly "committed" Nalbandian so who knows.. He could have won 10 slams if he was truly committed and taken a ton away from Rafa and Roger. He was that talented. He could beat Rafa and Federer on his day as he showed.

Its not some nutty fancy speculation or other worldly to think Nalbandian couldn't have won a crap ton of slams if he was committed.

Talent Wise, he just as good as anyone. From a pure ability standpoint. If guys like Berdych, Tsonga, Djoker and some others couldn't take Fed out a good share of times at slams or guys like Ferrer, DJoker, even Rasol or some others take Nadal out at slams..

Why the hell couldn't a "committed" Nalbandian do so? From a pure ability, talent standpoint hes just as good as any of those guys if not moreso then most. I think in terms of raw ability hes superior to Djokovic. At least from a weapons standpoint. .. Hes certainly more talented then Berdych or Tsonga were as well.

GO watch Nalbandian playing Fed in 2007 at the end of the year and tell me he doesn't have more raw ability and talent then some of those guys. ROFL

Heck watch some of his earlier matches with Nadal and see how easily he just bullied Nadal around from the baseline when he was on his game.

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