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Default Pacific XForce Review

Had a hit for the first time with this stick tonight. I have never hit with a Pacific stick before, however I have hit with a Fischer Pro Vacuum 90 which was outstanding in my opinion (90 is just a little out of my range though ) Anyway, I was looking for a grade A used racket on TW with specs close to my Pro Open, but with a little more control.

Wow. That is all I have to say. With closed eyes I pulled this stick out of the box, hoping I would like the cosmetic first....Let me say that this stick looks absolutely STUNNING. Very beautiful stick. As for the strings, I ordered it with Prince Premier Attack Black (choice based off Mikeler's multis) strung @57lbs.

So, I obviously had to hit with it tonight lol. We all know how getting new gear in the mail can get us in the mood to play tennis in a heartbeat Waiting for my partner to get to the courts, I started serves. At the moment, my timing is slightly off because I need to add a couple of overgrips to tail-weight it. However, when I timed it just right this racket did not disappoint. Pinpoint accuracy, good spin, and a little bit of power on tap (not much).

When he finally got to the court and we started rallying, I could really feel this rackets flex of 58. I loved it. Kept most of my shots inside the lines that I went for. Not only could I hit with good spin with this rackets 16x20 string pattern, but I could flatten out just about every shot without worrying. With this racket, you feel very connected with your shots and there is incredible dwell time. Once again, you must have your own power to put away shots with this racket because there is very little power. I would say that this rackets power is right in between a Head Radical MP and a Prince EXO3 Rebel. This racket swings a little head heavy for my liking, so I will be adding the overgrip as previously stated (I did this with my Pro Open as well).

Overheads were great, as I could place the ball wherever I wanted. I even threw in a little bit of touch drop shots when my hitting partner was waiting for the smash. This racket has great touch especially with these strings.

As for volleys, I only hit one because I was having so much fun on the baseline. Unfortunately, I cannot give an accurate review on the volley because one shot simply is just not enough to know. I am assuming it is a great volley racket though, since it did everything else well lol.

Oh, and for all those slicers and dicers, I hit a winner with my backhand slice...that is all.

This racket was very comfortable due to its soft flex in the throat. The head however, with its Black Granite compostition, was solid as a rock (pun intended) and provided great accuracy and stability.

Overall, I am very excited to keep hitting with this racket and find new things out about it. It gives the hard-hitting player the confidence he needs to hit his shots within the lines, with spin or without. What a great buy!
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