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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
I just returned my last batch of demo sticks -- Q5 295 and Ki5 315 among them. I am recovering from a hand/wrist injury, so I have become hyper-sensitive to the comfort of various racquets. I really liked the Q5. Every bit as comfortable as my Pacific X-Force, and it did everything right for me. I could switch back and forth between these two with little to no adjustment. It also felt just as comfortable as the Volkl Organix 10 295, which for me is the among the plushest feeling lightweights I have hit with. The Ki 315 was a bit of a let down. It felt a little pingy compared the Q5 (and my own 5G/7G's), despite the Ki5's lower stiffness rating. Q5 295 is must-demo for anyone looking for a racquet in this weight range.
For some reason, it seems that nobody ever thinks the Ki 5 is that comfortable, but after they use it for a few days they notice their elbow feels better. Maybe that's just how the Ionic Kinetic system works in that racquet?
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