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Originally Posted by roberttennis54 View Post
Sorry this is just untrue. Nalbandian lost virtually every time to Roddick, Hewitt and Safin when they were at their primes. Nalbandian was not always unfit either. Nalbandian was just lucky to match up well with Federer. It's true he was a phenomenal ball striker and probably had more pure tennis talent than most of the others, but even if he was dedicated he would never have come close to the career of Federer.

Federer is the more talented player for sure. Better athlete, better anticipation, better footwork, more variety, etc. I think the thing that people forget with Nalbandian is that, despite his talent as a ballstriker, he misses out on the two strokes absolutely imperative for success in this era: serve and forehand. His serve is pretty average technically. And while his forehand is a good shot, it's not really a "kill" shot, and it's not as penetrating as Federers.

PS, kudos for giving Stich a shout in an earlier post. He had a beautiful game.

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