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Originally Posted by Long Face View Post
Thanks for the tip, but I am not sure whether I should combat his well-practised strength with my absolute weakness (because I have never practised moon-balling).

But trying low slices makes sense.
no no. you never want to play the same game as the moonballer. that is exactly what he wants. He can stay out there and play 10 hours if he has to. and that is what he wants.

You have to be good enough to take the ball out of the air and hit swing volleys. 1-handed swing volley is alot easier than you think if your technique is correct. 4.0 guys don't even try it cause idiot pros tell them it is low % shot. It is easy shot even on the backhand side.

Also hit volleys off of the moonball too. but Location is Critical. Do not hit volley deep. Hit angles low and short.
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