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Originally Posted by connico View Post
So your not teaching anything, you just describing how it should work. I can accept MTM if your not teaching to deliberately pull across the body and only describing a swing path.

I've always had issues with MTM because my impression from the videos and oscars comments is that that MTM teaches a deliberate pull across motion which I don't agree with.

In saying this, does MTM recognise that on a advance forehand pronation is key to efficient power and topspin?
To your 1st point, "deliberate" is not a term that I remember hearing or reading
from Oscar related to the strokes, but I'm not stating that it has not been used.
I just don't ever remember thinking of it that way. Our teaching does work on
developing feel for a path and normally little would be said, relying more on demonstration and
a couple of comments like "try this and see how that feels" coupled with a
demo of what to try or a simple suggestion. It's about trying to relate to the
student in a way that works for them. Maybe that is part of why it does not
translate well for some on this forum, while others get it straight away.

As to Pronation, again, that is not a term we would normally use, as most students
would not have a clue what it is. It even comes up as a spelling error on here and
is way easier to demo than to explain...especially with a Fh imo.
This is far from an optimal medium to share MTM, but so many have got it thru
the years from here just like I did, it would be a shame to get bullied off from helping so
many. My new 70 yr old student heard of MTM from debates much like these (not TT)
and called me for lessons to see what this uproar was all about, even though he
had played tennis his whole life. After each lesson he thanks me several times and
speaks of how he can't believe pros are still teaching the traditional way.
Thanks for your reasonable approach to things and use what works for you.
I'm happy that you are playing, traditional or modern and just am here for those looking
for an edge or to improve.
MTM Instructor
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