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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
That whole team was based around Ronnie. Messi was awesome then but nowhere near where he is now. Keep in mind he was only 19. Xavi wasn't the same player he was before he pwnd at the Euros and their midfield was a completely different shape and played a totally different style. That team was much more attacking and direct. With that being said, the Barca team of today would whip that team.
I'm not so sure! If anything, the team from the mid 2000's was a bit more dangerous. Teams have shown that you can stop Barcelona, Inter and Chelsea especially. They do tend to try and walk the ball into the net at times. When they had Eto'o, Messi and Ronaldinho up front, well personally I believe that is better than Messi as a number 9, Sanchez and Pedro.

As for the midfield, Xavi has always been beyond class. I don't believe he's a better player now than he was then, he just never misses a pass, he didn't as a 25 year, he doesn't now and he probably wouldn't if he was still playing at the age of 70. Iniesta is better now than he was, sure, but he was a hell of a player back then too. Deco and Busquets are a different kind of player, but people seem to forget just how good Deco was at Porto and Barcelona.
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