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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Absolutely true. Honestly, I can't think of two champions more polar opposite in virtually every respect. The only sense in which Hana could 'hang with Evert from the backcourt in a normal match, is in her movement about the court. It was very difficult for anyone to keep Hana out of position long enough to open up a court. Some of Evert's usual patterns , would be less effective against the super mobile players like Zina, Hana, or Martina than players like Sukova, Shriver and Kodhe Kilch. When I tried to figure out who got the occasional upset over Evert in her major winning years, it wasn't about playing style, or temperament. It was footspeed. Not sure exactly why, but less quick baseliners and S/Vers did not get one or two wins others might - until she got social security.

of course the other necessity to win any percentage vs Chris is weapons. Hana had those on both wings.
Agreed. You can't beat Evert in a big match unless you have weapons and great movement. There's no other way.

Hana won a lot of baseline rallies with Chris either by smacking winners or by drawing errors from Chris with her ability to mix spins and angles. But that's a hard game to play and she was better off varying her approaches while mixing in some topspin and drop shots.

Anyone that has seen her 1981 French win know what versatility Hana was capable of. But its the 1983 French match that I hope will one day be widely available. It was a real testament to Chris that she won that day because Hana killed Chris repeatedly in baseline duels, lobs, and drop shots. I think thats where Martina got the idea to drop Chris so much in the 1984 French final. She also had a spectacular diving backhand drop volley that left Evert stunned.
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