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Originally Posted by Nathaniel_Near View Post
Are you implying that serving and talent are unrelated or that the ability to serve well is not a tennis specific talent/ability...
Eh, I feel the serve is one of the shots where great talent isn't always necessary (Roddick, Raonic) but where great talent cannot buy you a serve as it can buy you a good net game and anticipation. It#s a stroke that just needs to be rock solid for the most part.

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Del Potro beat Federer and Nadal and would have also beaten Djokovic too had they played at the 2009 U.S Open, and Federer in the final is probably the only close match he would have had (Djokovic would have lost in straights or 4 at most to DP there IMO). Murray has beaten those 3 players all tons of times over, it isnt his fault he was ranked too high, too consistently where he only gets to beat 2 in a row, not 3. I doubt he could beat all 3 in a row in a slam, but then again you know Nalbandian wouldnt either, heck he hasnt beaten any of the 3 in a slam any year from 2004 onwards. Djokovic did crush Nalbandian, beat Roddick, beat Nadal, and beat Federer all in a row to win a tournament at 19, it isnt his fault he couldnt play himself too, LOL! So while such a feat shows Nalbandian has talent but I dont see how it shows he is more talented than those others.
I think it was the WAY he did it. He utterly crushed some of the worlds best players. (hey, considering the fact that it was 2007, beating Gasquet was also an achievement) And unlike, say, Nadal in the USO, they weren't exactly ailing.
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