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Originally Posted by 0d1n View Post
A SET ?? No 4.5 will ever get more than a couple games (tops) from a serious pro woman. The couple of games are really invented. I allowed those games in case our 4.5 has a huge serve and somehow gets 3 aces in a game or something.
From the back of the court, they are going to struggle to win points...let alone games.
Some people (not you ... I'm talking in general) who make statements like ... WTA is so bad...compared to the ATP, and then make assumptions and generalizations about what that means in terms of male amateurs playing pro women...have no clue what a pro means, and they never played at a half serious level.
I repeat, I would struggle to get games from a current 16 yo junior girl who's in the top 30 ITF (18's). A pro woman (yeh, Radwanska included) would mop the floor with me. I've seen Radwanska play live by the way. She hits a clean and pretty hard ball, moves great, and serves very well for a woman. People who think she's a "pusher" are comparing her with Serena (who's a freak), and/or generally have no clue.
I don't have a US rating, being a foreigner, but I play competitively around here and if I would move to the US I would self rate as a 4.5 and I think (actually I know) I would do very well at that level.
Take that however you like.
true. I actually have seen a 4.5 guy beaten 6-0, 6-1 by a 5.0 girl. Yes you read that correct. Granted he may have been a weak 4.5 but if a 5.0 can destroy him like that then what damage would a WTA pro do I can't imagine.
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