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Just demo'd the Ki 5 along with the Q5 (315). Similar to what another poster said, the Ki 5 felt a little pingy against the Q5. I was a little skeptical about the Q5 due to the stiffness rating, but it felt amazingly plush for such a rating; I half wonder if the rating is a bit overstated. And, as someone else also stated, I kept hitting strokes that I really thought would be long and they seemed to drop in; wasn't intentionally hitting hard topspin or anything. And definitely not a muted feel; nice "thwack" sound to all my hits. Real stable up at the net as well. Only thing that didn't impress me right off the bat was serves; didn't seem to stand out in any real way, but could be user-error as when I really focused on pronating, I seemed to hit with more power. But, all in all, really impressed with the Q5. May take it on an extended demo!
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