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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Sanchez Vicario has a combined 6 wins over Evert, Graf, and Seles in slams which is pretty good too. 4 of them came vs Graf, she was Seles's little lapdog but didnt get to play Seles during her peak period of 94-early 96. Evert she barely got to play but a #4 seeded Evert got spanked by unseeded 15 year old Sanchez at the 88 French which was an impressive performance.

Comparing Sanchez to Mandlikova is funny since Hana is about 5 times more talented, but about 5 times weaker in work ethic, consistency, mental strength. So hard to say who is better. I would probably say Hana since Sanchez's game was only effective against Graf. She was useless against Seles, Hingis, and even a fairly old (before she became really old) Navratilova. Hana only seemed fairly useless against Graf but dangerous for anyone else she played (I dont count Seles who she played twice in her final year and got walloped by).
I would say that few actually worked harder than Hana did. But ASV might be in that group. She got so much out of her game and had a great heart and fighting spirit.

ASV also had fewer first week losses than Hana did at the slams. But Hana never lost to anyone other than Martina or Chris in a slam SF or F. That makes me think that Hana would've done quite well against ASV, but thats purely speculation.

I wish that Hana's health and serve had held up for another couple of years because I think she would've gotten a few more wins vs. Graf. More than half of their meetings came at a time when Hana was serving Kournikova-like numbers of double faults. No one made an opponent pay for poor serving more than Graf did. It was hard to break Steffi and if you can't hold your own serve you have no shot. From the baseline, Hana's way of trying to beat Steffi was to hit hard and deep to her forehand to draw an error or come in and angle the ball away. This worked well in Paris in 1986. More players should've tried that.

With Seles, I find their 1990 US Hardcourts match very interesting. Hana led 4-0 in each set but lost 6-4 6-4. She also helped Novotna to understand how to beat Seles by serving her wide in both courts to make her switch to one hand or at least pull her off the court. I really believe Hana could've gotten a couple of wins off of Seles. Of course I say that knowing that if Hana played less than 80% of her best Seles would've obliterated her ala 1989 Brighton.
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