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I would've given a kidney to be able to grant Bunge the resolve and confidence to be a champion. Her game was extraordinary. The backhand was one of the all time great one handers. She had great instincts at the net and was a popular doubles partner.

Khode has a sweet nature about her and her ranking rose when she learned to stick up for herself and not be intimidated by the better players. Although I would say she never quite got over Chris. She hit hard and flat and when her timing was on she was a threat to anyone.

Hanika had game. She produced heavy topspin strokes on both sides. If her lefty serve had been better she could've made better use of her ample net skills. Remember, she beat Martina for a YEC title. Thats big. She didn't make a lot of friends on tour though. Not popular at all especially with Graf and Mandlikova.
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