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The way he made Federer look in some points, it's almost like he was Roddick, in a sense that he didn't know what was going to happen next. How Federer typically beats his opponents, he did it to him.
Yeah, some points. If Federer was as befuddled as you make him out to be, it wouldn't be as close as it was.

1. Eh, I'd say it's because of the repetition. It isn't something like point construction or anticipation that can hardly be trained (at least compared to the serve) Seems like the serve is more like a shot where you need to get the mechanics right.
Well now this is just semantics. Surely you can concede that some talent is necessary to be a great server. Every shot requires mechanics that were tinkered, plus practice and repitition. No shot is perfect on the surface. I doubt Nalby and Feds mechanics are the same now as when they first picked up a racquet.

It's a little different with groundstrokes and volleys, since your talent can win your points there. I struggle to see how talent could buy you a great serve. Seems more about practice than gift to me. (and in case you say that no amount of hard work would give Nalby the serve of Federer, that is true, but in this case that is impossible. Guy is already a pro. Federer OTOH nailed his technique before it was too late. It's more of a technical problem.

2. I dunno, does that mean that guys like Blake and Monfils are also talented? I always thought that being able to run fast and hit hard were more physical abilities and talent is innate SKILL.

NO! You don't get it. I'm saying Federer does things with his athleticism that are conducive to winning matches. His footwork, his grace afoot, those are the marks of a talented mover. He's not just fast or athletic. His movement is amazingly suited for tennis, unlike Blake or Monfils. Those guys are FAST. But they're NOT talented movers.

Also, going by your serve logic, footwork would have to be the antithesis of the serve then right? Because it's not something you can really practice. I mean sure you can work on it (footwork drills, strengthening your legs), but I don't see how any amount of tinkering would make Nalbandian even in the same league as a mover.
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